Named one of the “Top 3 Performances of the

New York International Fringe Festival”

by Backstage!

“Rati bursts with energy... great material and delivery.” - Chicago Theater Beat

“Gupta is an engaging storyteller.” - Pataphysical Science Blog

“The show is so funny and unbelievably relatable!” - Broadway Spotted

“I laughed to hide the tears as she hit home run after home run...” - LA Examiner

To see more VIDEO from the show, including hilarious parodies of your favorite teen movie moments... head here!

From cheerleading stunts and IM conversations to bad boy crushes and girl posses, NOT ANOTHER TEEN SOLO SHOW combines storytelling and sketch videos to bring to life Rati’s diehard mission to have the perfect high school experience. Which in her mind meant an Andrew Keegan type boyfriend, a Sarah Michelle Gellar‘esque power, and of course… a She’s All That prom miracle.

Whether you hated high school or peaked in high school, Rati’s true comical tales of teen angst and torture will make you feel a little smarter and a whole lot cooler.

Wanna know more about the production team and history? Click here to download the Press Kit.NATSS_files/

After a less than ideal youth-hood, a spunky Indian girl in Indiana turns to the popular teen movies of the time for guidance on how to master high school. Because real life is totally just like the movies… right?!